Money Back Guarantee

Just as in life, love, and business, one size does not fit all.

Belly and Sole is a unique business serving those seeking specialized services. We are not going to be a perfect fit with everyone. In fact, we do not even offer the standard services you may be familiar with such as “Swedish” or “Deep Tissue” massage, which are services you can find at every other spa or wellness center. Instead we have chosen to focus on giving you unique, customized services and being a place to come when you have a specific health need.

So perhaps we will only see you during your pregnancy. Or when you have an injury until you recover. Or only for your monthly tune-up. Or when you want a service that is a little different than the usual routine. And all that is fine. We are here for your needs, which we understand will be constantly changing over time. We strongly believe we’ll meet up when it’s meant to be!

If it is your first visit to us and you find you do not feel satisfied with your session for whatever reason, we do not want you to forsake bodywork forever. Just let us know and and we will stop the session, you will receive your money back, and hopefully use it to find another bodywork session that is a more appropriate fit for you personally.